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5 years wait to attain my Grail JLC

When I first started my journey into watches 5yrs back, the first complications I wanted to have outside of time and day was a very useful GMT functions as I have always travelled much for my jobs.

I have been looking over 6 months doing daily research of all options that had inhouse movements, robust (ish), sport watch orientated and 4k- 5k range, which I was only half way saved up for.

Went tried and looked at many from Frederique constant, old 16710 GMT Master II, Maurice Lacroix Worldtimer, Ball GMT, Chopard LMC Pro ONe Cadence GMT, Seamaster Planet Ocean GMT, Bell & Ross BR-01-93 GMT, Explorer II Polar...I decided on the two:

Seiko SBGE033 with "SEIKO" stamped on it, beofore the Peacock (SBGJ227) with GS, and after futher many vids on watchbox, I decided on the JLC Master Compressor Geographic, the 146.8.83/1 with the 923 movement, slightly more power reserve than the 146.8.83 wit the 929/3.

The service elements to Japan and avalibility of actually finding one lead me more to the JLC.

A few montsh down the line, I ended up by chance going watch hunting with my younger brother (who was into watches way ahead of myself) looking for a Longines Master Chrono moonphase, I ended picking up a Longines Master Collection Worldtimer - GMT. got even a 13% discount to negotiate the 2 watches. The white dial and pretty thin profile sold it to me. Worltimer fulfilled the I guess GMT element.

At that point in time, I had a Seiko Turtle and a Hamliton Khaki Field Titanium, the latter I pretty much wore every day even when I was sleeping....I still wear this daily at home (and sleeping).

The itch took over the time I should have save up for the JLC.

2 years onwards, I had a nice bonus, and in the market again. Still a amateur collector, I didn't feel comfortable pulling the trigger on a 10year old + watch (the JLC) on the likes of chrono24 with that amount of funds to buy from a dealer outside of UK. Thus, ended up going with a UK based grey market dealer, and picked up a Rolex DJII, Silver Dial, fluted Bezel. I loved it and had even the battle scare after wearing it for 2years+. I even remember buying it just before Rolex raised thier price in back end of 2016. However, I still didn't travel with it much as it lacked the GMT function. It became my daily work piece.

Another 2 years go by to now and recently sold the DJII due to sudden gap of my contract ending (needed the money for partially funding my Arsenal football season ticket!). Slilghtly gutted, but also didn't wera it for 9 months due to change of work with casual (rather than suits) tech enivorment. This was in May this year.

Finally, landed a super role this August and had enough of a early Christmas bonus and thought, why not scratch that hollow DJII sale and actually looked for my grial again.

After 3 months of Chrono24 and Ebay wishlist stalking, found an immaculate conditions piece with a reputable UK dealer, went to see it at lunch 2 weeks back, negotiated a tad and base on the 10/10 condition with a new bracelet ,even without box and paper, decided to pull the trigger, though did pay over 300 to my budget max!

The nice surprise that I wan't able to spot after looking at countless pics and the same Mosso vids over 4 years is the brushed centre links...that did it for me as the bracellet was always my concern in its ecstatic, having gotten used to the find qualilty finishing of the 904 L steel. In hindsite, I wished I did save up earlier with younger eye site as the date dial was pretty small for my now older eyes However, with the AM/PM indicator, date, 2nd time zone, worldtime and all the COSC+ JLC 1000 hrs test, I felt the grial was attained. A different feeling to when I picked up the DJII, which was a first "Rolex" quality introduction feeling, but rather this felt like complete!

Travelling with it every week in my new job...think I'm going to take a picture with it in each of the country I travel to!

Christmas came early for me, so wish every have a great early Christmas!

Sharing the piece with everyone

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