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Originally Posted by brmeyers View Post
Hey Everyone,

Today I had the BLRO attached to my wrist ALL day right up until now as I am typing. I may even sleep with it tonight.
Honestly I cannot remember loving a watch so much on the first day wearing it.
YG Sub is a close second...

I love the watch so much today, I just HAD to get a shirt to match today (A Brunello Cucinelli. Perfect shirt for a perfect watch!!)

Attachment 875554

I now get why the The Rolex GMT Master II 116719 BLRO was the big hit for Rolex in Basel 2014!

The Beauty of Rolex white gold I know all too well with my long
lost Smurf. The Rolex foundry white gold is homogenized pure white gold all the way through.
Though it looks like stainless steel in pictures and videos (sometimes), in person, there is something very different going on vs SS.
It has a richness and a luster that is hard to describe and in lower light it starts to turn a very special pale golden hue that scintillates with magic.
Honestly I am glad this is ONLY in WG.
Putting such beauty on SS while it would be nice for the wallet, would be disrespectful for the true art of the watch.

Here is a picture where you can kinda see that beautiful white golden hue..

Attachment 875556

12.6 mm thick and 48 mm lug to lug this watch fits my 6.5 inch wrists perfectly.
There is such a nice feel and balance and it is surprisingly more comfortable than my current YG sub and previous Smurf (only slightly),
though I am not sure why considering I usually prefer glide-lock to 5 mm easy-link adjustment.
As others have said it melts on the wrist and it does so like white golden butter.
The luxury and Surprising comfort makes it a nice companion in the Rolls Royce...

Attachment 875555

To Be Continued...

Nice write up! I loved my BLRO but I am a serial flipper... it will be back, for all the reasons you mentioned. I do like it in WG, however I am enjoying my 16710 with a Pepsi insert today.

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