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Originally Posted by Jim Smyth View Post
Page 4 post #111 I already recommended that. Its called checks and balances. Doesnt cost anything more. Doesnt make the mods work any harder than they do now. But its falling on deaf ears and it seems they dont want to make it any safer using that venue.

Its up to the Purchaser to make damm sure you know who your sending money too. Do your research, dont use a wire at all unless again you know who your sending your hard earned money too. Use payments that have built in safeguards if you dont receive what you paid for. Dont take anything for granted because there's very smart bad internet people out there that will steal you blind. Its happening here quite a bit so be very careful!

Originally Posted by Chiboy View Post
I agree that it isn't the mod's duty, and in fact if the site started vetting sellers, it would end up with a whole lot of potential liability.

But as someone suggested, why not have the $25 fee be paid $10 by Paypal and $15 by credit card. Wouldn't that at the very least make it easier to trace people and harder to create a fake identity? Other than perhaps $1 or $2 of extra processing fees for TRF, this seems pretty simple. And of course, TRF could up their Patron fee to cover the extra cost.

And what happens when that credit card was a Visa pre-paid gift card? Will then there be an outcry for the mods to verify each credit card before accepting payment?

Obviously Iím all in favor of a safe environment. But I think you have to remember that this isnít ebay. Scammers will find ways to buck the system as much as they can. No safeguards can replace a cautious buyer doing their own due diligence.

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