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Originally Posted by Jim Smyth View Post
Was it wrong? His 1st post that hes also scammed on a 116600 was at #124 . You guys I believe have all the sales of Karle12 locked down so I cant research this. Should be easy enough for a Mod too look up. But this poster has been on this board for 5 days and bought a watch from Karle12 on this forum and is on his friends list? Something doesnt add up.

I am a highly suspicious person by nature and my instincts are usually spot on. If I am wrong with K12AN I apologize in advance. He offered to post up all his info? I am ready when he is with the Police report. I believe him and Karle12 are the same person. Too many coincidences.
A 116600 was advertised and then noted as OHPF by Karle12 on the next day (16 or 17, depending on your time zone). All you and your "highly suspicious nature" are doing is muddying the waters with your accusations, grumbling and background noise. I suggest you take a step back, cool down and let things take their course behind the scenes and with the members who have been effected.
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