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Originally Posted by superdog View Post
disagree. it would not change my opinion one bit. it would hurt terribly. but it would not change my opinion.

bad is not 5% of our population dying. to a certain degree 5% is likely very good for the world.

bad is 25% of the population dying.

bad is the entire wolds economy coming to a halt causing mass rioting, poverty, hunger and therefore more disease and death.
Several questions Seth, my friend.

First, when you say that 5% of the population of the world dying is not bad or that it would be good for the world, what do you mean? That it would be good to have these people die because we don't need them and it's no big deal, or that it would be a good outcome for a terrible viral pandemic that the world was not prepared for?

Second, when you say the economy coming to a "halt" are you saying that it has? Because obviously a lot of commerce is still at work. Or are you postulating a possible effect of the steps that have been taken if they are continued for a prolonged period? Or that if we wait to long to reopen it will grind to a halt?

Third, do you agree that except for a few hot spots where no one could do any work anyways with current conditions (like Northern Italy and NYC) the world economy is not come to a complete "halt." Yes, many businesses that depend on social contact are shuttered. And many other businesses have stopped work as non essential. But a good chunk of the economy continues. For example in my state, if you observe social distancing and a few other guidelines you are waived in as essential.


On 9/11 the US lost about 3,000 people. Was it a good idea to shut down all air travel, reopen with new restrictions and then spend several trillion dollars to combat the threat? Dollar for death, we spent a lot more money on 9/11 than we have so far. Not saying we won't wind up spending more by the time we are done. But we did spend a lot. How does that compare?

When Boeing lost a couple of aircraft with hundreds of souls, all of it's aircraft were grounded. And the economic loss is large. Was that a good idea? How does that compare?

Stay safe.
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