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Originally Posted by MC00 View Post
Hoping I can get some advice here on where the best place is to get a Rolex from an AD? It seems like the Daytona 116500 has a 3 year waiting list, so i started thinking about the Deep Sea 126660. I saw the previous post where people were getting 10% to 27% discounts 4-5 years ago, wondering if this would still apply to current date.

Would greatly appreciate everyone's thoughts on this.

Hi. Born and raised in Toronto (Scarborough), now living in Ottawa for work. I ordered a BLNR from Raffi Jewellers in Yorkdale last weekend: went in, asked about availability (was told 3-6 months), ordered, and paid. First-time buyer, and no issues. However, this was the third Toronto AD (after the only Ottawa AD) had basically told me that I was politely out of luck, but to "feel free to come in and see what else was for sale". Not one even offered to put me on a wait list, and one refused to as they said the wait was over 2.5 years so they stopped taking names.

Can't wait to get it. I'll post pics!
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