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Originally Posted by imt2000 View Post
I think the RSC did a great job too. I'm procastinating on the permanent link removal as I think the step will bug me. Now with the step polished away .... hmm.... it looks much bettter ..... I'm one step closer to removing the permanent link. When I decide to have it done, i'll want it to be done like what has been done to yours.

By the way, what's your wrist size? do you have a wrist shot? After wearing my gmt on strap, I find that the gmt on bracelet is visually bigger than the gmt on strap. the gmt on strap is just about the right size for my wrist of 5.9" or maybe i'm too used to the gmt on strap now....
I think we have about the same wrist size. Mine is slightly larger than 6" but not by much though. If you are close to RSC BH, I recommend giving them a chance.

P.S. I may have one link added to the 12 o'clock side and slide the bracelet into the clasp, keeping the same size, to hide the last removable link that has slots on the 12 o'clock. Somehow, seeing those slots are just not pleasing to my eyes.....
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