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Originally Posted by DaveInLA View Post
I'm EXTREMELY tempted to have this link removed now that your pics look great. I have some concern that it won't turn out as well as yours did, though. I don't plan on ever selling my Expy, but if this doesn't fit perfectly, it won't be worth it.

tuk, can you please be a little more specific about your wrist size? I've noticed that very small differences like 1/4" make all the difference in the world because that's almost the size of one link. My wrist is 6" even and I can't get a great feeling of how it'll fit with one link removed. I've tried manipulating it on my hand, but it's obviously not the same. thanks


I just used the tape measure and it came out to be slightly under 6-1/4". I would say that you should not have any problem at all with one link removed. Keep in mind that you can always adjust the bracelet on the 12 o'clock side to make it fit perfectly.

Are you in LA? I am in Torrance so if you want to see it in person, I would be happy to show it to you. PM me if you like.....
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