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Timex Marlin c. 2017

The Timex Marlin arrived just about two hours ago.

It came in a nice box in an outer sleeve, as pictured in the ad, and the watch itself is a real beauty, with it's silver, sunburst dial with the stylized Arabic numerals and batons.

The band is also nice enough, being genuine leather with an embossed reptilian print.

The domed crystal is a feature that I'm really fond of and to be honest, I'm already in love with this watch.

A sticker attached to the case back read, "Movt China/Strap China."

It is a hacking movement.

I have quite a few vintage watches now and this reissue fits in with those themes perfectly, besides being about as comfortable to wear as one could imagine.

Regardless of anything else, the watch is among the most beautiful watches that I own and I think we're going to have a nice little honeymoon together.
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