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Wow! I find this really very exciting. So far, I have not owned a Panerai, and was planning on looking seriously at getting one in the next year. I really prefer the minimalist styling as well, and was considering a California 3 days Acciaio.

I am particularly passionate about watches that have a movement that specifically fits the case size. And also manually wound. I found this in a gold Patek Philippe Gondolo which I will soon be getting. If I can get my hands on this Panerai it will be an amazing compliment to the Patek Philippe, in that sense.

Also, I learned today something else about the P.3000 movement. It allows the hour hand to be adjusted in one hour increments without interfering with the minute hand or the movement. In addition to the 72 hour power reserve, this is great.

Normally, I like smaller size watches. In this case, however, I am more than willing to make an exception, being that the movement is such a large size.

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