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Originally Posted by Ashton_Horologist View Post
Well, my call to action seems to be unanswered still so I will put forth my findings.

Iíll preface this by saying Iím a watchmaker with over a decade of professional experience and am trained on all Rolex calibers, except the sky dweller.

When a watch is ready for service at an RSC it is un-cased, with dial and hands removed and sent for pre-cleaning. This process involves the complete watch being run through a watch cleaning machine, usually one with ultrasonic and vibration cleaning.

The watch is then delivered to the watchmaker who dismantles, inspects, makes adjustments, changes worn components and then cleans and assembles.

I have never, in my time, received a watch with looses screws falling out of movement, in fact, I donít even remember them being some what loose.

The watch is then sent to another ultrasonic cleaner, but dismantled this time. Usually, however, the balance bridge will stay on the mainplate. It is affixed via two screws. There is also a screw in the balance spring stud. Once again, when it came back from cleaning, all the screws have remained in tact with no noticeable change in torque.

To top it all off, I have performed my own tests of placing oil drops in small glass jars and submerging them in an ultrasonic tank for extended periods of time to see if lubrication was affected. The results? No change. The oil remained exactly as it was placed.

I would love other watchmakers to chime in with their observations, please.

Now, Iím not saying that I am right, I am happy to be proved wrong, and Iím not saying this should be done.

What I am saying is this - Just because you call someone an idiot on the internet for doing something you consider dumb, with absolutely no explanation why, doesnít make you right.

The internet is full of mis information (letís think about not showering with a watch, or the absurd static pressure myth), but letís give the good folks of Rolex forums a little better. Letís give them the reasons behind why they should or shouldnít do things. Letís back things up with facts before we start name calling.

Once again, if other watchmakers, collectors, hobbyists or generally interesting folk have other findings, please share and letís answer this one once and for all.
Totally, misinformation that widely accepted n become new norm
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