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Originally Posted by MikenAZ View Post
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My intention was to have different opinions regarding such a practice. I believe its a no-no and would never do this. I do however remove the bracelet from time to time and ultrasound it. Its amazing what gunk is removed that way. Thanks for all your comments.

Not sure if the vibration, by itself, would have much affect on tightened screws for the short time it's in a sonic.

However, the process is intended to vibrate the solution into and around everything, lifting off dirt and debris as you notice on your bracelet. Think hammer drill vs., standard drill. Likewise, it has the capability of vibrating the solution under and around the seals, particularly the crystal to case area. Might not do anything to a sound and solid watch, but it could easily take advantage of anything that isn't absolutely tight. It's probably not a risk that many of us should take with a fully assembled watch head.
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