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Originally Posted by Ashton_Horologist View Post

I would love to know, have you ever observed a loose stud screw after ultrasonic cleaning? I feel that would be the best measure as the screw is tiny and I imagine (I don’t know the exact torque) the least amount of torque.

I think your exposition was splendid. But let’s peel the onion a few more layers.

We shouldn’t equate a single ultrasonic cleaning of an uncased movement with a different matter. I agree that you didn’t find something wrong prior to disassembly - it’d be a once in a million situation. And even if something did go awry in the machine, you’d be setting things straight during the service.

Recall that the OP’s question was about someone sinking a cased movement in an ultrasonic cleaner. Not once, but as part of a regular cleaning process.

How many times per year? Who’s to say. But let’s say every couple of months? That’s 6 times per year...and given that people tend to wait 5-10 years for a full service...30 to 60 times between services.

In that time, with such frequency, much can happen.

Here is what I do think...
If, under warranty, one sends a 3 year old Rolex to RSC because it stops running intermittently. And includes a note that states, “I submerge the watch regularly in my ultrasonic cleaner”.

My money is on the RSC defining that as abuse rather than performing a free full service to set things right.

IMHO, using an ultrasonic on a watch head isnt sensible when there are many other ways to clean the outside of a watch head.

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