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Great selection, but be careful...just like our Rolex watches, those pens are addictive - don't be surprised if you find yourself adding more of them to the collection!

I am a huge fan of the limited edition Montblanc pens and have been fortunate enough to nail down ballpoint versions of every pen in the Writers' Series. I have a few of the other LE Pens, most recently picking up the Walt Disney. While it is considerably more than I have spent for any of my other pens, I am visiting my local Montblanc boutique on Saturday to get a Great Masters James Purdey rollerball. It is an absolute work of art!

Not that you need my approval, but I was pleased to read that you use your pens at work! I rotate through my entire collection regularly, carrying and using my pens on a daily basis. IMO, our watches, pens, and other "toys" are nice, but, IMO, they are meant to be used and enjoyed.

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