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I have to take issue with this:
Originally Posted by Patton250 View Post
And OP just ignore most of the posts on this thread. There are some mean peeps here. Brush it off. You’ll get one of the watches you’re looking for. Keep stopping in.
Your comment is probably made out of frustration toward those on here who are "jaded" with the Rolex experience, and though I cannot speak for everyone, my post wasn't meant to be "mean" or "pessimistic." I genuinely think that the AD salesman laughed to himself the moment OP left the shop, and I wouldn't put money on the AD getting anything for OP in 6 month's time, or even a year.

Many of us (who have landed allocation pieces from ADs at MSRP) recognize that the OP made a couple crucial mistakes:
  1. He purchased an otherwise available non-allocation piece from the grey market, instead of using the opportunity to help out a Sales Associate and in turn, speed up his delivery date- and, in turn, show the salesman he's more concerned about saving a thousand bucks on a DJ rather than doing business with said salesman.

  2. His list sounds like a flipper's list, and no offense, OP, but few could blame the salesman for thinking that. In fact, I welcome the opportunity for anyone here to ask their AD how they recognize flippers. The first or second tell-tale is that "they list all the stainless steel sports models as their desired watches."

    And who can blame them? Did Rolex come out with a "secret pheromone sauce" that they coat on the stainless steel GMTs, Subs, Sky-Dwellers, and Daytonas? Something they put on those watches but not others?

Originally Posted by AK797 View Post
You would have been better off if you had reversed the order, looks like a flipper's wish list as it is.
Exactly my point.

Originally Posted by cerendigit View Post
Patton250 wasn't wrong about that post.
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