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Great review and pictures. Just got the 126600 and love this watch

My appreciation for watches began at a very young age. I don’t know what it was about them, but, my interest was peaked. I had the Mickey Mouse watch, Hot Wheels watch, the Timex digital watches and all I wanted for my 14th birthday was a new “grown up” watch. Thus entered the Timex quartz on a leather strap. How cool was this I thought. I wore that Timex with many different straps thru high school and into college and longed for the day I could own a Rolex of my own.

While in college a met a girl, the most beautiful, lovely girl ever, fell in love and was married at 20 years old. Still in college, I took a part time job to make ends meet and several of the guys in the office wore Rolexes. This was 1987, one of the guys I worked for had a Daytona and one had a solid gold President and a DateJust two tone. Here goes, I had the girl, I had a job and man I wanted a Rolex.

While my wife and I were out one weekend shopping, we met a guy selling Rolex replicas. They were inexpensive and kind of had “the look”. Good enough for now I thought. Monday came and wore my new “Rolex” to the office The first topic Monday morning was our weekly sales meeting where I was promptly asked, “new watch, let me see”. Then came, “ ok, but, it’s not the real deal”. Of course I knew this and had already felt like a poser with this fake on my wrist. Now it was confirmed. I wore the watch for the day, took it off when I got home and never put it on again. Nor will I ever put on a fake watch, No matter what.

I got married in 1987, to that fabulous girl, was getting ready to graduate NC State and had started my career. My new wife decided to surprise me and went out and bought my first watch, a Rolex Sea-Dweller 16660. Brand new, unworn, 1985 model from our local AD.

From the moment it went on my wrist, i loved that watch. I wore the 16660 daily and rarely did it come off. My first thought was , “this thing is a chunk”. For all of the reasons I was drawn to the brand ( the cyclops, the jubilee bracelet, etc) that was exactly what Was avoided when making the decision of what was best for me. Those watches just had to much flash for me. I remember the first scratch, and first time I hit the 16660 on something. I had it serviced as recommended and only once did I ever have an issue when it began running fast not keeping good time. Each time it was gone for service, I longed for the time it returned.

Fast forward to summer of 2015, while running and playing with the dog, I slipped and fell in the pool. Upon getting myself up, I discovered that I had left the crown loose on the 16660 and noticed moisture under the crystal. The watch started loosing time almost immediately. And, spots formed on the dial and hands.

Within a couple days, a trip to the local AD for a service and clean-up was in store. They recommended new dial, bezel, hands and of course the needed service to return it to new condition. After all, it was showing it’s age somewhat and the tritium markers had very little lume if any. I agreed and This was the worst mistake I could make. I didn’t realize I didn’t get to retain my original parts from my watch.

When it was returned to me, it looked brand new (just as promised) it was beautiful. But, was it “mine”. It was missing the little scratches, nicks and scuffs that it had earned over the last 30 years. Man, I missed those marks that made the 16660 mine.

I now have my own business and I have been looking at new Rolexes for a while. While I like many models, I decided that the sea-dweller was still is the watch for me. It’s a no-nonsense, no flash, tool with enough class that will fit in to any environment. From the conference room, to the beach and anywhere in between it finds its way at home. Last week, I purchased a new Sea-Dweller 50th anniversary 126600. When I put this on my wrist, my first thought was “this thing is a chunk, it’s beautiful “. I must admit, it will only get wet in the shower, the pool or splashing in the waves at Cherry Grove Beach SC. It will never go for a dive or remotely come close to use it’s potential.

I was a little skeptical of going form the classic 40mm to 43mm and I wasn’t too sure about the cyclops. But personally, in the past 33 years i haven’t gotten any taller but I grown a little more round ( so, why shouldn’t my watch). I have a 7-1/2” wrist and after a couple days, I think the 43mm is absolutely perfect. I’m pleased that the brand did not increase the 15mm height. I appreciate the flat black dial with the red “sea-dweller” letters and the heritage it represents. The ceramic bezel is stunning and I do like the cyclops as it helps my aging eyes see the date better. The 3235 movement keeps perfect time and the Chromalight lume is fantastic. The bracelet is light years ahead of the 93160 on the 16660, smooth and tight. Overall, magnificent fit, finish and quality. I would expect nothing less from Rolex and they have exceeded my expectations.

In the end, I still do love the 16660, as do I love the 126600. Both will remain with me as long as I am around because they represent special times and events in my life.

Next watch, maybe an Explorer 214270....I like the simplicity.

Oh, and about that girl, I still have her too. I love her and she is a keeper. And, if she ever mentions face lift, tummy tuck or any other cosmetic surgery, my answer is, hell no! We earned these scrapes, marks and wrinkles together and that’s the way it should be. I learned that lesson.

Thanks for tolerating be being long winded.
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