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Originally Posted by Rori View Post
...Still trying to understand how a small tiny red line can make such a huge difference...
Agreed although the SD50 would still be awesome even if it wasn't red - that's just the proverbial cherry on top

Originally Posted by Robf52 View Post

Originally Posted by dberdichevsky View Post
Excellent review. Singlehandedly, the best write up I have read on this reference, anywhere. And those pictures, man they are stunning. I’ve never seen such nice macro shots. Thanks for sharing, I truly enjoyed it!
I blush... so many thanks for such kind words...

Originally Posted by cking12 View Post
Great review and pictures. Just got the 126600 and love this watch. My appreciation for watches began at a very young age... In the end, I still do love the 16660, as do I love the 126600. Both will remain with me as long as I am around because they represent special times and events in my life...
Great story - T4S!
p.s. Good thing your "triple six" didn't have a MK I "matte" dial - that would've made the servicing even more painful... !


TGIF everyone

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