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Originally Posted by STL-16613 View Post
Hey guys...had a member contact me stating they received a message from me asking if they wanted to purchase a sub. This member posted in the Want to Buy section and a scammer proactively reached out to them using my profile. I did not make that outreach. I have items for sale but not a sub.

I do not proactively reach out so if you get a message from STL-16613 do not buy anything from them. If you are interested in any of the pieces I have for sale i have my cell attached - 314-565-1689 to my ad. The scammer is using email

Can anyone provide guidance on next steps as i have notified the facilitator of TRF.

Thanks for any help.

That’s prob why they’re scamming using your profile.

Too much info in an open forum. Get a DM first then qualify and share info.

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(Blame him)
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