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Originally Posted by Trepang View Post
Great experience with David SW
Originally Posted by Sleepy996 View Post
DavidSW is the best but also the reason I have little to no savings currently so I have mixed emotions lol.
Originally Posted by GGGMT View Post
He certainly is an amazing seller, as noted in my who’s who post from a couple days ago. Just completed the transaction with him and it was fabulous!

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Originally Posted by CraKaLaCKiN View Post
No worries about THAT! Anyone using AOL these days is criticized MUCH more harsh than you realize! LOL
Originally Posted by CraKaLaCKiN View Post
Gmail is FREE !!!

Also .. running and administering a private email server with the licensing and black lists, SPAM, hackers, etc... just to have a 'branded' email is a PITA !!!! and it's EXPENSIVE!
Originally Posted by james272 View Post
David is a great seller ! I don’t care if he uses smoke signals!! Enough of this silliness!
This thread is both awesome and a sad example of all that’s wrong with forums.

Read the OP’s question again.

Read the responses again (before the moonshine was pouring)

Nobody questioned DSW’s integrity or the validity of his ability to close the loop on a sale.

The question was from a noob buyer about to drop some thousands of dollars on the interwebs without prior experience with DSW’s email handles.

The question was valid. Nobody questioned DSW’s rep personally.

Now, let’s all continue to praise the Oracle of Orlando.

“Wealthy people don’t need an instrument that tells time: they want a beautiful and exclusive object on their wrist.”
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(Blame him)
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