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Originally Posted by jim251 View Post
For a while now I've been pondering my little watch journey and where it is
leading. I do know I want gold but except for the WG Sub I somehow
consider Rolex gold a bit heavy-handed for my tastes. No big deal since the
alternatives are such stunners.

So today my AD calls and says he has the 5296 in YG plus many others in a
new shipment. I hadn't seen one in person but from media consider it to be
possibly true perfection. What a learning experience regarding knowing what
I like...

This is one of the three PP cases, where many stand with their jaw hanging
open. Remember to smile for all the security cameras...
Other cases had very nice selections of complicated PPs. If I wasn't happily
married I'd want to meet the woman whose deceased husband left these
two behind... ;)
Now this is what I call a Moonwatch! If I still had a life of getting dressed up every day this is what would be on my wrist...
Here is the 5296 I went to see. It was as spectacular as I was expecting
but after examining it for a while I sadly concluded that it was just too
purely-dressy for my lifestyle of almost exclusively shorts and jeans.
And then it happened...
Just out of curiosityI asked to see this 5167. Just like with my LVc, it was a
watch I'd seen many photos of but only when I put it on did I find myself
muttering "damn!" It was light as a feather and fit like a glove and I was on
the border of being hypnotized.
I didn't buy it on the spot but do now consider it to be the PP that will be
best for me, considering how it will be worn. No worry that it isn't gold as
I do also anticipate a JLC and a Zenith at some point as well.

Sooo, that's it...

Thanks to all for digging this rabbit hole I'm being sucked into - it feels great.

very nice Jim! Thanks for sharing
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