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I know your conundrum. Many of the comments are spot on based upon your narrative.

But I differ on the steps.

Platinum jewellery is the traditional 70th birthday gift.

If you have your heart set on getting her a traditional 70th birthday watch then it too should be platinum. But Rolex isnt making Lady Presidents in platinum now. So that would be a preowned search and $60K+ish...unlikely shed want that spent on a timepiece methinks.

So back to platinum jewellery.
Maybe earrings, a ring engraved with a lovely message, or a pendant featuring her star sign or inlaid with her birthstone?

For the watch work...
Id separate the tasks. Remove the bracelet and send it to Rolliworks. Take the head to an AD with a Rolex watchmaker (or send to RSC) for full service + new hands + new crystal. Maybe have your wife decide if a Diamond bezel or a new dial is in her wish list.

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