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Originally Posted by lencap View Post
As many others have commented, great review. Your writing and photography are top notch. Bravo!

I was smitten by the 58 based on several reviews (very few as eloquently written as yours), but after trying the 58 back to back on my wrist with the 41, I chose the 41. Yes, it's "bulkier", but I don't find the extra bulk a distraction after the watch bracelet was properly sized, and like the "presence" on the wrist. I also agree that the 58's thinner case is a benefit, but again the 41 only disturbed me when looking at it from the side. On the wrist, under a cuff, the "side slab" isn't visible. With more casual wear it is visible, but again, for me, the extra bulk isn't an issue, and to some degree I think it complements the larger size case.

Thanks for the feedback. Having owned a 41 before I can understand your attraction. I wonder if I would have picked the 58 over the 41 if they came out together? Initially I didn't find the slab sides an issue either. It was a slow itch that eventually saw me flip. Enjoy your new watch. The Tudors are extremely well made pieces. (But not as good as Rolex. Always has to be the last sentence according to fanboys. [emoji12]

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