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Originally Posted by MikeMike View Post
The mortality rate is in line with the influenza death rate in China (around 1.6-2.6%). There are currently around 1.2 billion people in China; that there currently just over 6,000 cases is statistically irrelevant. People should be concerned, but as of right now there is an overreaction. That it is Spring Festival made the situation worse. Arguably this is why the Chinese government imposed a lockdown on Wuhan etc. There will be a lot more cases and deaths (just like any major flu outbreak), but right now the level of paranoia and fear is quite breathtaking.
Mortality rate is lower but incubation period is longer. Also there is a 2-3 contagion risk per person. Not to mention the hospitals being overloaded. Problem is the size is not known.

My personal view is the case load will spike much more. The estimates are significantly above what the current reported cases sre
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