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Originally Posted by Ichiran View Post
Hope this dark cloud passes, though it will be another 6 months or 1 year by my reckoning. I hope I'm wrong.
I suspect you're right.

Ignoring the deaths for the moment - I wonder how businesses will recover, indeed if they can recover?

Imagine your local town centre, bars closed down and boarded up, restaurants and cafes shut down, shops shut down - and they will shut down. No customers + business rates and staff costs means they will collapse. New capital would be needed to open a replacement business.... where will this come from?

This sets aside the international businesses - hotel chains, airlines.

The ripple effect of this is enormous and incredibly stressful for any business.

These are indeed dark days and we need to stay calm - there is mass panic buying all over the world, which helps nobody other than the greedy morons doing it. Buy what you need folks - don't deprive everyone else to stock your personal bunker!
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