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The US has two situations. Almost half of the currently diagnosed cases are in NY state, King County WA and the Bay Area. Those areas need severe curtailing of social gathering, probably for months. Of course, these are the banking, finance and media centers.

The rest of the country has a much lower rate of spread. For example, the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex has about 25 total diagnoses cases. Even if the undercount is by a factor, this is a tiny percentage. It actually could be managed by old style enforced home quarantines, if we were to go to that route (doubtful). These areas of low penetration merit a second look after a few weeks, to see if measures can be reduced.

At some point, the US will have to figure out how to manage different standards between regions. We’re very good at equal treatment policies and not very practiced at discretionary discernment.

Currently, the US has a shortage of testing in the manner that it has a shortage of hand sanitizer. Yes, everyone that wants five bottles of sanitizer for their home can’t have them because some nitwits hoarded them in a rush on the stores. Similarly, everyone that thinks they would like to be tested can’t be tested. However, there are enough tests for everyone that the doctors order a test for. Perspective- S. Korea is a model of testing and they tested almost 4,000 out of every million, leaving 99.6% untested.
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