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Originally Posted by Fleetlord View Post

14:00 minutes in.

You can watch the whole's very enlightening.
This was very interesting. From what I understand, it reduces the amount of particles in the air, so an infected person expels less particles the virus is attached to, makes complete sense. The other point is that it keeps you from scratching your face, which I also accept. Your point about having the virus enter your system in a small number so the body can prepare a defense instead of being an onslaught also makes perfect sense; less particles with the virus enter so less virus enters. So a mask may help in the over-all solution, But...

The assumption that an individual person wearing a paper or cloth mask will filter out the virus and keep it from entering their body through inhalation of the nose or mouth is still wrong. That is my point.

Doctors? Scientists? I am at your beck and call for a flogging.

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