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Originally Posted by jctrolex View Post
Just like to know why or is it just some random act of certain moderator who likes to wield their power at will just for the heck of it?
Will someone enlighten me?

Random mod notice: 6.CONTROVERSIAL TOPICS OR POSTS such as those relating to politics,drugs, race, culture, religion, sexual orientation, objectification or discrimination, violence (toward persons or animals) will be subject to the final and absolute discretion of the Moderators to be immediately locked and/or removed without notice to any member. No gun, knife, weapon threads or pictures of such since we are a worldwide forum and many members are not comfortable with this type of material. Infraction points and a possible lifelong ban will inevitably accompany such pictures, posts, or threads.
Might I suggest you read and digest the forum rules, before moaning and bitching about any mod, like you put it certain moderator who likes to wield their power at will just for the heck of it?. And by the way its was not this mod that removed your post but again will remind you as per forum rules which are clearly posted for all to read especially rule 9.


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