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Originally Posted by 77T View Post
I don’t think it is intentional that the “reinfections” are not being highlighted. So much is new to the professionals handling COVID-19.

Here is an article I saw earlier but chose not to post when I saw it:

The reason was the very low number of instances and they were well inside the realm of diagnostic and/or testing error rate. That is, a patient who recovers is then tested positive again but non-symptomatic. This needs some deep research that will take time.

Right now at .2% it isn’t the priority in China - they need to curb the outbreak as #1 methinks.

Air travel will grind down as the airlines cancel flights due to low or no demand to certain destinations. For the time being in USA, I think the focus is on efforts to stem the tide of new cases as much as possible.

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What are you saying is .2% ?

Based on their (China) numbers (not sure that I believe them knowing China) are accurate or rather, "full disclosure," their death rate is at 3.84%. Whereas Italy is running at a death rate of 7.71%.

Washington state is running at 5.3%. While most countries numbers reflect around a 3% death rate, some are dying and have not been tested, so cause of death is being labeled as some other cause and not COVID19. My wife is in the healthcare industry and testing is a process and not yet widely available.
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