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Originally Posted by Fjweld View Post
I think that is a great idea of having a min requirement of legitimate post counts but better yet a probationary period of at least 1 year of membership to be allowed to sell. There have been too many people scammed here lately and with the high demand for these watches now the scammers will get more aggressive in their ways.

If we have a min/mandatory rule in place that “may” deter some of the dirtbags.

I have been thinking about selling a watch I purchased on here from a longtime poster, but since the high volume of scams I will enjoy my watch and possibly one Day do a trade with a TRUE trusted seller on here, which we all know who those handful of people are.

Happy holidays and mostly sorry OP for this, it absolutely SUCKS! Keep your head up and know that we are all on the lookout for these criminals.
I obviously am new here and wouldn't be able to sell which is not a bad thing based on that. On some other sites I frequent related to golf clubs, it requires a minimum of 10 posts to see the classifieds to buy and 75 posts before being able to sell.
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