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Great review Eliot

I’m not sure how I missed this, but I’m so glad this thread got humped.

As you may know, I was the lucky winner of the TRF James Bond Submariner giveaway. The Submariner is honestly not a reference I ever considered buying. Sure I’ve seen it many many times at my AD but I was always on the hunt for something different. Seadwellers have always been my thing and I guess to be honest, I always thought the Submariner was a little too vanilla for my taste.

Fast forward to now ... I can honestly say I’ve come to appreciate its simplicity. It’s superbly comfortable and as you say, can be worn for any occasion.

The fact I won this watch here makes it all the more special, like a cherry on top of the vanilla, if you will

Glad to see you passion Eliot, I share the same enthusiasm for it
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