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A month in with the Explorer 214270 MK2

A month in with the Explorer 214270 Mark 2 and couldn’t be happier as this watch has taken every second of wrist time. I used to swap time between some vintage Seiko divers but the 6105, 6309 and 7002 will more than likely be heading to the auction block soon. They’re great and all but the comfort level of the Explorer makes it hard to wear those heavy pieces for any reasonable length of time. I guess that’s why I’d rotate them and constantly and swap straps and bracelets. The bracelet on the Explorer somehow feels “silky” on the wrist. I doubt that’s an apt description for Chiclet shaped bits of cold steel draped about the wrist but that’s all I could come up with. It does indeed slide around a bit on the wrist like silk and its sublime. I thought the clasp might be a bit bulky and plain initially but the craftsmanship and ease of use rendered that line of thought useless. It’s comfortable and non-intrusive while desk diving or anything else for that matter. It works great and is perfectly designed.
The watch keeps great time. I set it a minute fast a month ago. Today it was about a second behind time so it’s a tad under 2 seconds a day fast-pretty damned amazing considering I was used to keeping “vintage” time. I’m not a stickler by any means concerning accuracy as ballpark works for me but seeing this degree of accuracy really highlights the precision and care over at Rolex and I like that.
The dial is mesmerizing and highly legible. A quick glance is all it takes to see the accurate time. The lume is lovely and is easily visible all night. The two times I need to get up to micturate each night (cyclist in his fifties) allows me to glance down, see the time and admire the beauty of the lume while stubbing pinkie toes on the way to the bathroom. During horrifically long meetings at work there is nothing better that watching the sweep of the seconds hand moving steadily across that perfect dial to make the time go faster.
The Explorer looks great in hospital scrubs, T’s and jeans or a suit and tie. It also flies under the radar and under a cuff. I’ve worn it while doing wood work, yard work and strenuous TV watching work and it has performed flawlessly. It is a watch for all seasons and all times.
Lastly, I love the fact that I have a 5 year warranty where I can walk into any AD and get the watch taken care of without a fuss if there is a failure of some sort in the next 5 years. The engineering and finesse that went into allowing up to 10 years between service times is assuring as well.
I’ve been lurking in this forum quite some time gleaning tidbits and enjoying the threads…..many a great person and many a turd but that’s how it goes in any forum or social situ…’s still nice to catch up here every night, after life.
This one’s a keeper folks…..although… a no-date sub is calling out to me too. Damn you Rolex!
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