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Originally Posted by stockae92 View Post
OT, my question is how's the case holding up changing strap with spring bars?
I’ll chime in as well. Almost 2 years now with several strap changes and I still do not have a mark on the watch. Even the inside of the lugs where the spring bar slides across to engage the very tiny hole for the spring bar. That is a notable design I did notice. Panerai Carbotech has to use spring bars by the way the material and lugs are designed. Panerai drills a very small and precise hole for their spring bar ends to fit in. There is zero play when the spring bar engages into those lug holes. This is top level manufacturing as the combination of the durability of the Carbotech and precise fitment of the spring bar makes a incredibly secure strap to case connection. The ultra fat Panerai spring bars that are the same diameter as the strap tubes just increases the toughness even more.

I hate to keep say this but Panerai’s proprietary Carbotech material has shown to be really “next level” luxury watch case material. There is nothing else like it in the industry at any price point.

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