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Originally Posted by Watchflair View Post
100% - was just at NYC boutique this past Saturday. They flat out said that they bring in their trusted collectors to these cocktail hours and based on their feedback they try to weed out flippers. They want people who want the watches and have true passion for the brand. Honestly due to their limited production I can't fault them for this.

I'm in Westchester NY - I have the fortunate luxury of a 40 minute ride into the city so attending these events would be feasible. Always looking to get to know fellow collectors as well and cocktails - well that's just the icing on the cake.

I completely understand the scarcity of the watches and the problem they have in allocating them. But asking people to come to events when you only have 3 boutiques in the whole US and plan on cutting ADs unfortunately puts most of us who dont live near one out of the game

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