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I’ve review. Thank you for doing this. I’ve also been evaluating spring bar tools, but haven’t pulled the trigger on a set yet. I just have a single ended tool that I only use on my breitling, doing one side at a time.

One question about your tool, when re-attaching the bracelet, are the springbars compressed until they line up with the case holes or are you just sliding them around (non-compressed) inside the lugs until the find the holes. If it’s the latter, I’d expect scratching on the inside of the lugs next time the bracelet is removed which isn’t desirable. Based on the use of the flat tips on this tool, that’s what seems to be occurring, but I’m not sure if I’m misinterpreting.

If it were me, I’d use the same end of the tool to reattach the bracelet as was used to take it off and keep the springbars compressed until they’re over the case holes (or as closely as possible)
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