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Ok, some additional development on this.

So, the scammer, who was texting from 540 area code number was trying to get someone who was selling a legitimate BLNR to take a picture and write down the real potential buyer's name. In this case, the real potential buyer who was going to be scammed was Darryll.

Darryll has actually purchased a Sea-Dweller from me in beginning of December. The name sounded familiar, but I couldn't remember exactly. The REAL Darryll is a member on here, already posted his side, and has a Singapore based phone number. When I shipped the watch to him (to Singapore), we communicated to ship to Darryll Seow, without the rest of the name, so that's why it slipped my mind.

So, again. The scammer wannabe was texting from US based 540 area code number (which I think its an online text app number anyways). He introduced himself as Darryll in this case, but was simply looking to get someone to send him a picture with Darryll's name on it so he could then send that picture to real Darryll and make him believe the watch was legit for sale, which would result in Darryll sending the money to scammer.

It just so happened that I have already dealt with real Darryll on a different watch at a different time and this other guy was messaging me about a BLRN that real Darryll was trying to buy and I had one in my inventory.
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