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Thanks Jim. After this experience I'm pretty shaken up and think that if I can't inspect the watch in my hand buying online may not be for me.

FYI what went down with "George Abrahams Johnson" was this:

1) Found a post for a Batman from him through WatchRecon posted 12/26/17 from network54 (sorry can't post the URL since I don't have enough posts on TRF)
2) Contact him via email and he was super eager to sell, asking price of $8200 and quickly dropped to $8000 for a "flawless 9/2015" model with books/papers.
3) I asked if he would FaceTime or WhatsApp video with the watch and he said no he would only communicate via text (very strange, red flag #1). He said he lives in NYC but the phone number he has is a Orange, VA number. When I ask if could meet up in NYC he says only if the money is wired first.
4) Kept emailing and texting me to wire him the money to another person's back account (Mary Ann Johnson Bank of America), Red flag #2. He said that was his wife's bank account and it was easier for him to get the funds that way, makes no sense to me at all. When I asked why, he said he likes BoA but yet he doesn't have his own account with BoA????
5) I called his number and was informed it was a Nextel number. There obviously was no answer. Texted him to call me ASAP.
6) He calls me later and has what I would describe as a West African accent, very very broken English, I can barely understand a word he's saying. He keeps referring to me as "buddy" and everything I ask him about the watch he says "don't worry, it's fine." BTW, the original post picture has a Caucasian hand holding the watch, not to racially profile but things just aren't adding up.
7) Ask him where he's from. Takes a big delay then he texts me he's Georgian (his accent was anything but Georgian although admittedly I'm not a professional linguist, just a guy who has travelled extensively and speaks 4 languages).
8) Ask him to send me text pictures of the watch immediately. Takes him time, he makes excuses for the delay just like he did with Darryl, when he sends the photos they're a different watch with scratches on the case and lugs. RED FLAGGGGGG!!!
8) He keeps asking for the wire, I google the number, it's a VOIP, leads me to here (thank you TRF) and I uncover this scammer.
9) Call him out and he thanks me for my time. POS.

How can I mark his post on network54 so no one else wastes time or possibly money with this A-hole?
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