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Originally Posted by singe89 View Post
Welcome to AP. The 44mm looks perfect size on you but you can drop to a 42mm if you think it's too big. There is a difference in bezels. They changed over to a more prominent vertical brushed finish with the I series. I personally like the older version. There is a difference in the SS dials between H series and I think late I series as well when they went from more silver to more white. I had the H series with silver/white dial and non-linear brushed bezel and it was a great watch. Always loved that panda dial. That being said I would go with that Ti 44mm and have the perfect 1st AP.
Thank you so much for your detailed reply. So did all "I" series have the vertical brushed finish, or did they change the bezel along with the dial?

I also noticed a price difference(msrp) between the Ti and silver dial, with the silver dial being priced more. Any reason for this price discrepancy?
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