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Originally Posted by coaster View Post
Thank you so much for your detailed reply. So did all "I" series have the vertical brushed finish, or did they change the bezel along with the dial?

I also noticed a price difference(msrp) between the Ti and silver dial, with the silver dial being priced more. Any reason for this price discrepancy?
Don't know for certain if it was at the exact same time. They are very subtle changes and it comes down to personal preferences. Just look at the watch on your wrist in different lighting and if it sings to you then you know it's the one.

AP has priced the new 44mms much lower than the old ones. The older anthracite ceramic 44mm I just picked up was priced much higher retail ($42k) than the new black dial model ($32k). The Ti in my opinion should be priced more than the SS. I wonder if this is a way AP is cutting dealer margins again to make the 2nd hand market stronger or if prices are softening.
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