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Originally Posted by tyler1980 View Post
1. No i think it looks good
2. Yes they do. Its frustrating you can't see it at the AD due to the plastic wrap as its a big part of the appeal, but its there.
3. AFAIK no there isn't, but i don't have that one so i could be wrong besides the fact than the dial color did slightly change from silver to more white.

The Ti is a better option of the two IMO. Pricing is better as I'm pretty sure AP "adjusted" prices when launching the new 44's this year. As the ceramic one is significantly cheaper than the previous ceramic (which they did discontinue) and the Ti came in lower priced than the SS which (i believe) replaced the SS. I don't think the SS is still in production as the pricing makes no sense if it is. If the plan was to offer both, the Ti really should be priced more than SS.

Pic of brushed finish.
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