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Some great Straps. 22, 24 and 26mm

Sold my Pam Sub, and have no need for these anymore.

Starting left to right:

Greg Stevens Dark Brown Horween leather with vintage cracked finish and historic stitch. Has a brushed Heroic18 PIG Buckle. Was worn a few times but not much. Will literally last you a lifetime, and has a beautiful old/vintage look and feel. 24mm 140/90 $55 shipped.

Greg Stevens Horween, same as above but 22mm, no buckle, little more wear. 140/90. $40 shipped.

Isofrane 24mm 135/75 Pretty much unworn. Maybe one or 2 times max, but truly like new. Will fit a big wrist. $75 shipped.

Ted Su Kevlar dive strap. 24mm 125/75 Worn but in great shape. Will last a very long time. $55 shipped.

UTS natural rubber (vanilla) dive strap. UTS brushed stainless thumbnail buckle. Unused. Extremely high quality. 22mm 125/75. $40 shipped.

Last in top pic is my favorite. A Greg Stevens strap made from what was light tan English bridle leather. Over a time, I wore it, and treated it periodically with wax and mink oil. The result is a gorgeous patina and color. The strap shows wear and looks like itís 100 years old, which is FANTASTIC! Yet soft and pliable. And, as is the case with Gregís straps, itíll last a lifetime, in fact, guaranteed to. Ted Su brushed buckle. $65 shipped.

Edited to add 2 like new genuine Panerai straps. (Pic below)

First is the highly prized Assolutamente in beige. 26mm/22mm std. length. 115/75 This came with my Pam 375 but itís too small for my huge wrists. Worn maybe twice. Cheapest Iíve seen them for is 250. Get it for 205 shipped.

Second is a 26mm/22mm std. length genuine panerai dive strap. Absolutely new. Also wonít fit me. I just ordered an XL strap for $170 which is what these cost new. Get this one for 125 shipped. Does NOT come with the buckle in the pic.

I think Iíve priced all of these great straps pretty nicely. I know Iím taking a beating from what I paid. But if you buy multiples Iíll make the deal slightly better.

Thanks for looking.

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