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Originally Posted by MorningTundra View Post
My understanding is Omani Khanjar, Saudi Royal crests, UAE govt dept emblems etc were applied by regional ADs for their VIP clients to curry favor, rather than at the Rolex factory. They’re authentic Rolex with “aftermarket” dial enhancements. They fall in the same class as other “logo dials”. They’re not OEM like say, the 1/4 Century Club dials for Eaton’s
Really? So virtually all of the 100+ logo dials listed and shown HERE were applied aftermarket by ADs, not by Rolex? The post linked above says “At one point [Rolex] advertised corporate-branded Rolexes as a good service award for loyal employees, so they weren't just reluctantly fulfilling special requests--they were actively seeking out clients for it.” It seems improbable somehow that Rolex would advertise a service performed only by the ADs. Is there some distinction between “government” dials and corporate ones?

OTOH, it wouldn’t be the strangest decision Rolex has made ... Probably not the strangest one today!
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