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Originally Posted by TooWoundUp View Post
The weekend of 18is a bit dicey (not too sure if Ill be in town). Feb works better in general or first 2 weeks of march.
I put you down for the Sat, Mar 19, in SF.
PLEASE write me on my private e-mail and send me your contact info.
I'll communicate with those coming by "off-thread" connections.

Originally Posted by BiG JeEzY View Post
I would vote for the Thursday at Heller Jewelers, I was just there recently and felt very welcomed. I even met the owner's son Brandon Heller. The guy who assisted me the last time was Joe and he was a very kind gentleman as well.

I missed the last GTG but there's a better chance I can make it to this one if the location is San Ramon. It would be my very first GTG as well as I've been a member of this forum for over 10 years but still have never been to one.
Just sent you a PM. Really glad it worked out well for you to meet Brandon. Hope my name helped warm the waters, after our notes back and forth.
I'll put you on the Thurs, Mar 17, list, but ...
PLEASE write me on my e-mail, and send me your contact info.
I'll communicate with the folks coming, ... OFF this public thread.
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