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Originally Posted by SeeDweller View Post
You're a good guy, Stan. Thanks for the kind words.

But . . . I'm beginning to understand what makes Steve so upset when he does the Giveaways on AfterDark - and people don't follow the instructions ("Put your Username in the PayPal box!"), even after he's written it SO many times.
If you notice, I've written for interested folks to contact me directly, so we can keep things a little more secure, and not "out there" on the Web). STILL, people are responding here on TRF! . . .
Hard to fathom....

Sorry to be getting negative in any way. Reality is: this is FUN!!

Anyway, we'll have a good group here, I'm sure. Thank you again for your quick reply, amigo!
Sorry for not following directions. My bad. Email sent
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