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Originally Posted by edhahn44 View Post
Not a quiz. I'm just seeking for advice from the experts here to avoid doing a mistake.
Reference number engraving looks OK. Did you get a photo showing the serial number? What are your other questions/concerns? Some good advice already above.

I'd still recommend getting a UV-light photo showing the dial and hands.

Also, I'd suggest going on the archives sections of some well-known sellers to see other examples of 1655s that have sold, to compare. If you go on HQ Milton, for example, you can compare to other 1655 MK2s, including the engravings and all details. In fact, you can narrow it down to a serial number close to the one you're looking at, because there are some other subtle differences even within MK2s, especially regarding the bezels. (Some have a heavier font than others.)
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