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2020 Pledge Membership

Just in case you missed it.

To support the forum in 2020 members may make a donation at their sole discretion.

This donation helps support the forum, its running costs and updating/upgrading. In particular the donations maybe used to fund the costs of mitigating malicious users and possible forum activities.

Pledge Members are those generous members who have volunteered to support the forum with a donation to help defray the operating costs and to make the forum a better place for the benefit of all of us.

"2020 Pledge Member" will be displayed under their user-name.

You can become a 2020 Pledge Member too. Just make a contribution of US$30.00 or more at your discretion (inlcuding PayPal fees) so total is $30.00

By clicking this PayPal donation button (immediately below) you can make a 2020 Pledge if you wish:

Mobile link to donate:

Please click the "special instructions" and insert your username to allow for easier reconciliation.

Thank you in advance to all who are able to contribute so as to continue to make this the best forum on the net.

Pledge members for 2020 will have a 120 personal message capacity until 10 January 2021.

The 2019 Pledge Member categories will be removed on 10 January 2020, and members remaining in those member categories as at 10 January 2020 will revert back to the status of regular members with the rights and entitlements of regular members.

Its a good idea to download your PM's which you can do by the option at the bottom of your PM 'inbox'.

The new colour for 2020 Pledge Members usernames will be Blueberry.

Attachment 1093249

Blue Blueberries contain strong antioxidants and phytoflavinoids and are high in potassium and vitamin C and can lower the risk of heart disease and cancer as well as reducing inflammation.

2020 Pledge Members may benefit from some activities and/or forum functionality.

This is entirely optional and no one ought feel obligated to participate, only do so if you wish to do so.

NOTE: All pledge payments are made without any promise, undertaking or agreement to receive any goods and services in return and are made by the contributors own free will without a promise or expectation of any physical or intangible entitlement or benefit.

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