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Originally Posted by roma1280 View Post
Ok stupid question but if you “pose” with the split second hands at 24 and 36 and leave them there is there something that is under tension? Meaning is it better for the watch to leave both back at 12 o’clock or doesn’t it matter?
Also I read somewhere that it was “ok” to leave the chronograph second hand constantly running as in the watch they were referring to that hand was on a “cylindrical column”. Can someone please explain what that means?
No you should not leave the chrono running past the 30 min mark & should be stopped and then reset. Vertical column clutch chronographs can be left running (example 5980) but i believe the 5370 should not continuously run as it would potentially have a damaging effect on the movement where it would probably end up needing a service much earlier.

If you split the timing hands (or just stop the chrono hands together that are not at the normal 12 position) and then leave them stopped from my understanding is that the chronograph is disengaged meaning it is no longer running so it shouldn't have a effect or 'tension' on the movement. You want to make sure you combine both hands back before resetting to avoid any issues though as one hand could get stuck and not return to 12 as you havent combined them back.
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