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Originally Posted by Dawg2 View Post
I was told my grandfather bought this watch when he came back from WWII. Apparently this particular watch was fairly expensive back then when he bought it.

I can not find this watch anywhere on line (pics or sales). What I have been able to find by the serial number is that it it was manufactured somewhere between 1947 - 1950. It is a grade 626 (not sure what that means) and has 21 jewels. The crystal is not curved, but is cut into thirds at the top, middle, and bottom (if that makes sense).

My dilemma is that it stopped running and I would like to get it back working again. Is this movement something most watch repair shops can work on or do I need to take it somewhere special? Also, before I drop it off, I would like to know estimated value so I know what I am out if it gets lost / stolen.

I do like the vintage watches like these and this one is one of my favorites. I do have a Gruen that is very similar, but it is not 14K gold, only plated / filled and is not in as good of condition either.
There's a great group on Facebook for vintage Elgin watches - actually, it's called Vintage Elgin Wathces.

I have a 1950 Lord Elgin that my father got as a 25-year gift from Chevrolet. They were able to help me identify the model (Lord Elgin Henslee) and also even provided some advertising clips for the model when it was made.

It would be well worth checking out.
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