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Setting the Breitling Unitime Home City in Summer

This is the 2nd day since I have my Breitling Galactic Unitime. I noticed that my watch is not showing the correct times for other cities on the city ring. I have watched quite a few YouTube reviews and I thought I know what to do. I place Los Angeles at 12 o clock and then process to set the rest of the watch. Los Angeles was about 4:37 pm and the city ring above is at about midway 16 and 17 marks. (Picture 1). All seems correct. However, I noticed that the times in other cities are not correct regardless of observing DST or not. I thought I need to read the red Sun marker for DST cities. No, there are all wrong. So, I pull out the booklet but the fonts are too small to read. I download the manual in pdf format and read all 8 pages of it. It shows an example of setting Paris as home time but does not explain how to handle DST. This is probably not an issue if we are in winter time but we are in summer.
So, I picked Beijing as home time and reset the watch. Beijing does not have DST. I then rotate the city ring and line up Los Angeles. It was then, I realized that the in order to have the hour hand (Local Time) to show correct time, I need to line up the red Sun marker next to Los Angeles. This would make every city showing correct time. (Picture 2).
If you have a Breitling Unitime watch with the Cailbre 35 movement and in a city that is on DST, the City Ring setting needs to be lined up with the red Sun marker.
May be some of you guys already know about this but I had no idea. I hope this could help newbies like me.

DST SettingW.jpg
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