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All the sound advice has been written above

With regards to investment; you’re just better off buying what you want; but the hard part is if your tastes change and the market has different t tastes than you

I love Panerai and my first “proper” watch was a pre-owned 233 dot. I thought it was better to buy a pre owned 233 than a new 320; etc etc.

All the panerai I have owned I have purchased pre-owned; but it helps I live near big cities so the used market is pretty accessible for F2F transactions. Either way you have to become somewhat of an expert on fake Panerai depending on the complications if you buy pre owned. At bare minimum you should buy with box and papers.

With regards to Rolex; if you more or less like a specific model you can either pay market price (above retail as suggested) or wait for your call. The only issue is you pay a premium and find out that you don’t like it and the market changes favor... but that’s currently not happening with regards to SS models.

If you think your estimate is 3-4 years waiting than I would suggest buying a preowned Panerai if you know which model you like and than when you get the call; get your Rolex.

Good luck!
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