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Originally Posted by SpyShopsNYC View Post
SorryI am using my baby’s iPad mini and the spell check corrected to Renault from Rehaut. Lol

The z-serial must be very rare. I had the 16622 w/o the rehaut and I now have a 16622 w/ rehaut m-series. I paid $600 to do the switch a couple of years ago. It is almost the price for a service. I was about to pay 4K to switch to a 2015 version 116622 but instead I got my wife a 2004 35mm mid-size for the wife so we can twin. The m-series was new and wow it is beautiful when new. It is my favorite model bc it looks beautiful and can be worn w/ any attire you put on. I also have a YM2 YG 116688 & 16610LV.
Yep, they are great pieces. Pretty good value as well, considering the platinum content.
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